Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We're gonna step off to the side for a minute.

I know, I promised this would be a circket blog, and it will continue to be a cricket blog, but honestly, Sean Avery made the world very clear to me. In a certain sense, I do think it's hilarious that he called her sloppy seconds, and the suspension is because that's apparently too offenseive for a newspaper (the Boston Globe edited it to [other girlfriends] which doesn't even really make any sense but I digress).

The question I want to ask of you dear reader (because as far as I can think of I have a mostly female readership) is I wonder how you would feel if you let someone get so close to you, and become such a part of your life, and let them get so close to you as an individual, walked away from you for some glorious moment and left you out in the cold and dark and gave you no answers and no satisfaction because something super-wonderful had come along. Me? I'd quite frankly be as super pissed as Sean Avery.


alix said...

So Sean Avery just needs a hug and a teddy bear? Hee.

Zack said...

It would be a lot nicer than a six game suspension, although maybe I'm the one who needs a hug and a teddy bear, cause I think it stopped being about him at some point, heh.