Monday, June 15, 2009

I didn't get to see the end, I had to leave for work early. The whole time I was at work, I was convinced they lost, I was writing a post in my head about how impressed I was, how except for Chris Gayle, this wasn't the team I'd been following with great disappointment since February, that they proved themselves out there, and they certainly weren't going to be #11 when they went home next year. I was ready to complain about how I hate the Duckworth-Lewis Method. Only I got it all wrong.

I wasn't alive in 1980 (I'm only 23 after all) I always thought it was exciting when Al Michaels yelled about believing in miracles, but it had never happened in real time, I've never even seen that game in real time, even on a replay. But out there today two of the Windies classiest acts Chanderpaul and Sarwan got the job done. Most people have a number they will never forget, and will always bring them smiles: 61, 14-14, Dywane Bravo will probably enjoy that 66* for a long time, but for me, I will never forget one simple pair of numbers 19* and 17*

It's too bad Brian Lara wasn't there, he probably would have been looking for someone to hug.

*this isn't actually a footnote, in Cricket if there is a star next to the run total it means they are not or were not out.


Dylan said...

Just finished watching it. "Wow...just wow" was what I was thinking too. I was actually nervous at the end.

Of course talking point number one for all the English commentators was bitching about Duckworth/Lewis. They seem to bitch in every sport where they lose and everything isn't perfect. From a newbie perspective, D/L got it pretty much right; if it was too low it was only by a little bit. I mean, West Indies didn't exactly collapse, and they still almost missed it.

Assuming Gayle is responsible for the strategy, you have to give him credit for the fielding strategy. Conceding one run at a time worked great once they got KP.

Chanderpaul == Edgar Martinez. Right down to the fielding and brittleness.

Zack said...

I tried watching it live as it happened (the only feed I could find was an Indian one, so between innings they were talking about the game in Hindi and English, with no warning between the changing of languages, it got very confusing) Their persepective was that D/L actually favored England a little. I have to agree, I probably would have set it at 85 runs in 10 overs.

I was most scared of Collingwood, he'd been kicking them up and down the stadium in the Tests and the ODI's, but once he petered out quietly, I held a lot higher hopes for them.

I really believe Gayle did everything he could, maybe he was coming off too fast at the start, but 80 in 9 is an intimidating number (works out to a run and a half a ball) so I'd probably be in a hurry too.

Chanderpaul was amazing again, he just does incredible things and it really seems like he lives for the spotlight, and I'm totally with you on Edgar Martinez, if only they could find a 1989-1996 Ken Griffey Jr. to go with him.